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We are proud to serve Lewisville, TX with world-class home remodeling.

Lewisville, Texas Home Improvement Rebate Program

Lewisville, TX continually offers various rebate programs that encourages and supports homeowners in updating and maintaining their homes. The city of Lewisville offers the Property Enhancement Program.

Home owners are awarded a percentage of dollars to assist in completing certain aspects of their home to enhance the community and improve the economy.  

Several factors are involved to qualify: such as age of the home, property market value, etc. Please give us a call at 469-208-6134 and we will be happy to assist you in checking to see if your home improvement project qualifies for your city’s program.

Lewisville, Texas, is a dynamic suburban community in the thriving North Texas region. Home to approximately 100,000 residents.  Lewisville is a significant regional employer used by major corporations for both administrative headquarters and warehousing. With its location just minutes from DFW International Airport, and straddling two major highways, Lewisville is perfectly positioned for easy access to the rest of North Texas and the world.

Home Remodeling & Renovations in Lewisville, TX

Since 2008, Agape Home Services has been a trusted and highly respected residential remodeler in Lewisville. We are a complete design-build service for large, medium and small projects of multiple residential improvement types.  Whether you are thinking of a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel in Lewisville, we offer a customized complete plan from start to finish. We complete full remodels, renovations or updates for your home to meet your dreams, budget, goals and timeframes. 

Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, removing walls for a more open concept and reconfiguring your space in Lewisville, Texas is one of the biggest investments you can make.  Remodeling your home has a great impact on your family and increases your home’s value.  We break down your project into easy steps and guide you from start to finish for a great remodeling experience.

Our dedication to excellent customer service is one of our commitments to all our homeowners. Please read our reviews and see this is one of our strongest assets guaranteeing you the best experience possible. We make your vision a reality by customizing our services to match your needs. Feel free to contact us and so we may discuss your remodeling project together as you make the right investment for your home.

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Lewisville, TX Kitchen Remodel and Design

The kitchen takes the center stage of family life and therefore is the heart of the home.  A professionally executed kitchen remodels are the hottest trend in the home remodeling industry and increasingly on-demand in the Lewisville area. If you are looking to create your dream kitchen based on your unique vision and without exceeding your budget, then your best bet is to let Agape help in skillfully planning and executing your kitchen remodel project in the Plano, TX area, without exceeding your budget.

At Agape Home Services, we maintain our commitment to professionally and cost-effectively transform your vision into the updated, clutter-free and dazzling kitchen of your dreams. You can rest assured that you have come to the right place. We take to heart to deliver your kitchen, exquisite kitchen design, improved functionality, beautiful aesthetics and a sought-after shock-and-awe value that is beneficial for both your lifestyle and resale purposes.  You can view our proven processes and procedures along with and our highly skilled in house team to collaborate with you guiding every step of the way from start to finish. 

randy and beverly custom bathroom remodel

Lewisville Bathroom Remodel and Design

Remodeling a bathroom in your home is one of the biggest positive impacts you can have on your daily life. Not only does it add value to your home, but you get to enjoy a beautiful relaxing space every single day. From beautiful fixtures to balanced colors, natural light, rearranged floor plans and stylish decor, we are your one-stop shop for bathroom remodeling.

Making the decisions on details of a bathroom remodel in Lewisville can be overwhelming, but we have the experience to guide you. We are here to help you choose the perfect fixtures, colors and materials for your room, and each job is customized just for your taste and style. Then our experienced team will build the bathroom of your dreams. 

Agape Home Services is a professional and highly experienced bathroom remodeling company servicing for over a decade remodeling and updating hundreds of home in the Lewisville area.  Let us guide you in your next bathroom remodel with an experienced and professional team- Just give us a call!

randy and beverly bathroom remodel

Bathroom Tub to Shower Conversion Remodel and Design

Converting a bathtub to a shower will visually open-up the space of a bathroom more than any other upgrade or remodel. It is our most popular home remodeling projects in Lewisville and for a good reason. When you see how a bathroom looks before and after it is remodeled with a new shower, it’s like you’re living in a brand-new home!  It is also excellent cost-effective remodel for the elderly.

You can lean on our expertise and insight on style, layout, materials and every single detail of a tub to shower conversion. We will help you choose the perfect layout, colors, surfaces and fixtures for your new bathroom, and each job is customized just for your taste and style. Our seasoned, experienced team will build the bathroom shower of your dreams.

Agape Home Services is a professional and highly experienced bathroom remodeling company servicing the Metroplex for over a decade. Let us guide you in your next bathroom tub to shower conversion remodel with an experienced and professional team- Just give us a call!

attic bedroom remodel

Lewisville Room Addition Remodel and Design

What do you do when you seem to be outgrowing your home?  Maybe you need another bathroom, a new covered patio or another bedroom & bath, a larger kitchen to accommodate your growing family.   You could sell your home and purchase something larger, but it almost always costs more to move than it does to improve.

After considering all the things you love– your neighborhood, the yard, the school district, and the commutes to work and shopping—adding on is the best way to upgrade your living conditions.  So, if you’ve thought a lot about how to increase your  home’s square footage, perhaps you should consider a room addition. It’s the perfect way to add that square footage and have another bedroom for the kids or for when guests come to visit. These days, many families are welcoming their parents into their homes as they age. And, you just might be among them. 

Agape Home Services can help you design a beautiful room addition to suit whatever your needs may be from an additional bedroom to a game room, kids’ playroom, home office or anything that you can dream up with a well-planned addition.

Yes, additions or renovation projects are a temporary inconvenience, but the payoff is huge with a well-executed plan.  You can transform your home into a perfect fit for your lifestyle, your taste and your budget. At Agape Home Services, adding a new room, converting the garage, on adding an addition, etc., these are all the projects we are highly experienced and capable of handling.  We assist you with ideas, design and guide you through what is needed.  Let’s schedule a consultation with you to guide you through the details!

How to Choose & Research a Reliable Remodeling Contractor

You have probably read, heard or even experienced a few stories about a scam contractor swooping into town and leaving after scamming dozens of homeowners for thousands of dollars. No homeowner wants to deal with such an ordeal, and though most contractors are honest, you still need to be cautious. Also, not all honest contractors are necessarily good ones. You will need to find one that’s reputable with years of experience, great updated reviews, homeowner references and images of their work.  So, the question is how do you go about finding a reputable, experienced and quality home remodeling company who will deliver the best bang for your bottom dollar?  


Here are a few items to consider in researching for a quality and reputable remodeling company. 



The best way to locate a reputable home remodeling company is to do a thorough research of each of the companies you are considering. 

Check out websites like Houzz, Better Business Bureau and the company’s own website. These are great places to kick off a search for a reputable remodeling company. These websites have an extensive database of contractors each of which is reviewed by verified members.  Make a list of at least the top three companies that appear suitable and then get a quote from them. 


Once you have a shortlist of contractors, you can narrow down the list by calling and asking for the number of years they’ve been in business as well as insurance certificates.  Most companies should carry at least 2 million in insurance coverage. Use the Better Business Bureau and contact them to determine if the business is legal and if they have any major complaints.  Also, check their insurance certificate to make sure that they have adequate coverage. Good quality contractors always have liability insurance and warrant their work. You should ask to see their policy to verify their coverage.


We have a proven and great process from designing to remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, reconfiguration of a room, removing load bearing walls or any other space in or outside your home. We are professionals you can rely on for a successful and hassle-free kitchen remodel, space reconfiguration, bath remodel or any other services you need. We are an established and highly experienced remodeling company servicing Plano, TX for over a decade remodeling and updating over 125 projects.

We have a full time Project Coordinator to offer and assist our homeowners in selecting, purchasing and receiving their remodeling materials for great functionality and appearance for any remodel needs along with answering any and all questions concerning your project from start to finish.  We offer renderings to assist in visualization for your new space.  

All our field craftsmen are in house employees.  Our homeowners have the same team on their project Monday-Friday from 8AM- 5PM.  The family gets to know them over the course of the project. The homeowners establish communication easily with the lead craftsman on a continuous basis.   The homeowners feel very comfortable knowing they will see the same lead each day during their project. We determine the actual number of weeks each project will take from the start date to the completion date. After we set a time for an in-home consultation and the proposal is presented, the homeowners can plan accordingly and their schedule with confidence.

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Have your Lewisville Home remodeled with beautiful craftsmanship from a trustworthy team, on time and on budget.


We are proud to provide quality workmanship and quality customer service. We have years upon years of happy customers who are now enjoying their own beautiful bathrooms. From clear and frequent communication, to the start and completion of the work, we take care of every detail from design to prep to cleanup.


Reliability is a mantra that begins with the leadership team. We are a multi-generational family business, and our motto is “servicing your home as if it were ours.” All of our employees are in-house, not subcontractors. This means your family hires our family: full-time crew members who have been with us for years.


Experience is another quality that begins with the leadership team. Nothing can replace real-life daily work experience, and both our leaders and crew have decades of experience on the job. Thanks to our happy customers, we have been winning Customer Satisfaction awards from Houzz and Angie’s List year after year.

Ready for the home remodel of your dreams?