bathroom with free-standing bath tub trending in 2021

2021 Bathroom Trends for the Texas Home

2021 bathroom trends follow both minimalism and contemporary designs. Here in Dallas, Texas, more homeowners choose bathroom designs that add charm and elegance to the bathroom space. Your bathroom is your oasis, and so creating a relaxing atmosphere is essential. So, in this article, we’ll share some of the best 2021 bathroom trends. # 1.…


Budget-Friendly Home Renovations in Texas

So your house needs a good makeover, but a home remodels like a big spend. While home renovations in Texas can get quite pricey, there are other remodel options homeowners can choose to do to revamp their living situation and possibly increase the ROI of their home. Here we’ll cover some great budget-friendly home renovation…

best bedroom paint

Best Bedroom Paint Colors 2021

Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Anxiety The color of a bedroom can significantly affect your mental health and well-being. We highly recommend choosing cooler tones of purple and blues for those who struggle with anxiety, as these represent peace, tranquillity, and serenity in most cultures.  Lavender and Lilac  Lilac and lavender are subtle shades of…

Walking trail at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

6 Attractions in Plano, Texas

Located just north of Texas is the colorful city of Plano. During the mid-1800s, Plano became home to the early settlers who established many of the cities infrastructure and architecture we now see today. Although it may seem like a modest city, there are tons of great places to visit and see in Plano.   …

custom fireplace renovations

Custom Fireplace Remodeling in North Texas

The fireplace is the centerpiece of a room; it is a prestigious element that can bring together the room’s design theme. While these iconic elements are used to keep a home warm and cozy, many people today choose to install or renovate their fireplace. More importantly, a well-structured fireplace in Texas can increase your living…

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Home Remodeling in Texas

Home Renovation and Texas Architectural Homes The architecture of the Texan home is diverse and colorful. Older homes in Texas often take on Spanish and German influence; however, more commonly, you’ll find the picturesque farmhouse to be an iconic poster child for many Texan homes today.  Thermal Mass in Dallas Homes If there’s one thing,…